Rocky Mountain High, #393


I am waking up to the horrifying and tragic news today that a lone gunman walked into a midnight showing of “Batman” in Aurora, Colorado last night and tear-gassed and open fired on the audience.  I am shocked and just sick over this news and my heart is aching for the people of Colorado.  It is so completely unfair that this incident happened only 13 miles from Littletown, Colorado where the Columbine shooting took place about 13 years ago.

In Tucson, we are not strangers to this type of tragedy, and already, our own mass shooting is haunting me after the news from Colorado this morning.  Before the Tucson shooting occurred, I never really understood how wide-spread something like this can affect a whole community.  Tucson  is a small enough city that even if you didn’t personally know one of the victims, chances are you know somebody who knew one of them, and I still can’t step foot in that Safeway grocery store without imagining that entire tragic morning unfold.

My heart aches not just for the families of the victims in Aurora, Colorado today, but I am also so deeply saddened for their entire community.  I have never been to Colorado before, but I know that those amazing mountains must bring you all some peace and solace especially in tragic times.  So, my song of the day is John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High.”  This is how I choose to think of that beautiful state…just as lovely as John Denver describes in his song.  Here is the Youtube link:

May you all get through this very sad time together, and please know, that you’ve got a lot of people rooting for you.  G-d bless.


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