No Sleep Til Brooklyn, #403


This is it!!!!!   My last day of summer camp, and tomorrow morning, before the crack of dawn, I’ll be on a plane heading to NYC!  I am beyond excited, as it has been a decade since I was in the city.  This time I get to experience it with my brother!  I haven’t spent time with him in a gazillion years.  That’s what happens when you’re adults busy in your careers and with your families.  I can’t even remember the last time we were alone together.  This is seriously too cool for words.

My brother is amazing.  Let me show you a photo of him , because he is just too cute.  (Please know he may be annoyed at me for putting his picture in my blog, but I just can’t help myself.)

Anyhow….adorable, huh?  Sorry ladies….he’s married, and to a really beautiful and fun gal, too.  You’ll just have to eat your hearts out!

So…let’s get on the topic of my brother.  He has done the nicest thing for me, and I really need to share it with all of you.  If you read my blog, you know that I turned the big 4-oh in April.  My brother is the one person who has encouraged me with this blog to take it to a professional level.  He believes in it so much that for my birthday gift, he is sending me to NYC for a conference on blogging.  The conference is called BlogHer, and it’s agenda is promising and impressive with Martha Stewart and Katie Couric being the keynote speakers.  There will be 3600 other female bloggers….moms just like me….attending this 3-day blog-fest at the NY Hilton.  Check out the link to learn more about it:

I am so appreciative for this overwhelming kindness and need to publicly scream out a huge thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for this exciting experience that awaits me.  How can I possibly express my gratitude?

My song of the day is the Beastie Boys’s “No Sleep Til Brooklyn.”  The Beastie Boys really do epitomize NYC, and they’re music is so fitting.  I chose this song, however, because of something my brother said to me yesterday.  I was whining that the conference goes from 8am – 11pm everyday and how could I possibly attend every session?  My brother’s response was “When you’re in NY, you get super powers.  11:00 pm becomes like 8:00 pm in all other cities.  You never want to sleep here.”  It was a funny thing to say, but I think he might be right.  So…”No Sleep Til Brooklyn” really did seem fitting.  Here’s the Youtube link:

As I get no sleep over the next several days, I’ll be blogging from BlogHer 2012.  Check back to my blog for updates.  I know I’ll have some very fun and exciting posts!


About tucsonsongstress

I am a music teacher for children ages 6-weeks-old - 8th grade. I am also a camp songleader and a Jewish music specialist with and without my husband who is known as Shabbat Scott. We love singing with people of all ages all over Tucson. My "song of the day" idea originally started by playing music challenges on Facebook. I loved choosing songs, and my friends seemed to love reading and listening to my choices. I have decided to continue a daily blog (or as daily as I can manage) and tell you all some stories through some songs that have touched me either in wonderful ways or by annoying the heck out of me. Hope you all enjoy this blog! Happy singing!

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