Karma Police, #422


Yesterday I introduced you all to my new concept on my blog, “Top 10 Tuesdays,” where I will give parents one activity every Tuesday to do with their children that will promote music education in the home.  (Click HERE to check it out!)  What I didn’t tell you all was all the help my husband gave me in support of this effort.

I wanted to give you all links to be able to purchase these musical instruments through my Amazon store, and the embedded coding was bogging down my blog.  This is when I hollered for help from my technical guru, my husband.

For those of you who know my husband, I am sure you’ve come to realize just how many skills he has.  Not only is he a musician, but he also works with kids and has the most amazing rapport with them.  He runs an entire youth and family department and has an excellent ability to hire the best staff.  He can fix anything around the house.  (Yesterday he fixed our pool motor!)  He used to work in accounting, so he’s fantastic mathematically.  And!!!!   (this one is so good for me!)….he’s amazing with computers.  He has designed whole websites and knows all about reading and working with html script.  It’s amazing to see him work, and he’s the kind of guy where anything he touches turns to gold. 

I am so appreciative for all the help he gave me yesterday, and he is a true rock star.  So, I have decided to dedicate my blog to him today.  Because of all of the technical support he gave me, I have chosen a song from Radiohead’s album, “OK Computer.”  So fitting, don’t you think?  “Karma Police” seemed like a good choice, because this man should be having loads of good karma coming his way after all of the selflessness he showed yesterday.  Click HERE to listen to Radiohead’s “Karma Police” on Youtube.

Thank you so much, honey for all you did for me yesterday.  You’re the best, and I love you very much!


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  1. I love that album: it will always remind me of falling in love with my husband, who played it a lot when we were first dating. Glad your husband is awesome 🙂

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