You Might Think, #423


Planning a vacation with children takes a lot of patience and consideration.  We’re heading to LA for a very quick turn around and just to celebrate my sweet little nephew’s 1st birthday.  As I started thinking about our trip, however, and where we were going to stay, the thought of Disneyland started running through my head.  What if we tacked it on to the trip?

Though “the happiest place on earth,” Disneyland is certainly not known for being the happiest place on your wallet.  Seriously?  $87 for an adult ticket and $81 for children?  I find this all to be completely obnoxious, but kids are kids for such a short time, and we haven’t been to the Mouse House in 4 years.  Disneyland is like a rite of passage for children, and I have to admit that I’m pretty much jumping out of my skin with excitement, too!

All summer long, they’ve been begging, “Can we got to Cars Land?”  So, it was my wish to surprise them with this dream, but unfortunately, we just learned yesterday that Cars Land is at Disney California Adventure….not Disneyland!  We will only have one day to be in Anaheim, so if we have to choose and spend all that money…Disneyland it is.  So sorry kids!  I hate to disappoint, but Cars Land was Disney’s way of trying to draw more people to spend the extra money on CA Adventure.  Too bad!!!!   😦

So….look for blogs and pics for a very fun vacay soon, and a little fun craziness ahead.  Until then, I’m giving you all Weezer’s version of The Car’s tune “You Might Think.”  The song was featured in the movie “Cars 2,” and it’s funny how this song from the ’80’s has been revived just like some of the rides at Disneyland.  (Oh….have you seen the new Star Tours ride?  Can’t wait!!!!)  Click HERE to go to Youtube, and may visions of happy Disneyland bring you to a joyful day!  🙂


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