Paperback Writer, #436


I have had a love/hate relationship with reading all of my life.  When I get involved in a good book, it transports me to new lands and into different worlds that I sometimes have never even thought up in my wildest imagination.  There is nothing like getting lost in a good book, but getting lost is also the “hate” part of this relationship, too.  I have blown off responsibilities and have gotten so caught up in the literature, that sometimes, I’ll even shoo my family away when they want to talk to me.

The biggest problem with reading for me, however, is the emotion of it all.  Often, my husband will walk in on me while I have my IPad in hand to find me with tears streaming down my face.  “What’s wrong,” he’ll ask with concern.  “It’s just the book,” I’ll answer knowing all too well how silly I must appear.

There have been times where I have taken long breaks from reading.  I know that I will be far more productive if I leave books out of my life, but like a drug for a drug addict, I crave them.  I can’t just read any book though.  The book has to grab me right away…suck me right into its story.

Interestingly enough, one of my first blogs was a book review.  I had read the book “Winter Garden” by Kristin Hannah and loved it.  Click HERE to read my blog review and click HERE to see the book on  What an incredible story, and the funny thing is that over the last 48 hours, I’ve suddenly had a lot of people reading this old blog post after searching for it through Google and finding me.  It’s weird how all this time later, that book still is attracting so many people.

Falling to my guilty pleasure of reading, I decided to look up other books by Kristin Hannah, so last night, I started reading “Firefly Lane.”  I figured that Labor Day Weekend is a good time to get lost in a book.  Oh….I love the way this author writes!  I’m 80 pages into the book, and I’m hooked!  Already I’ve shed tears and have laughed out loud.  Breakfast is being made a little later than usual, because I just had to read a chapter before I got out of bed this morning.  (That one chapter, of course, became three chapters!)  Check out this book on by clicking HERE.  I think any book by this author would be amazing!

My song today is to acknowledge my love and hate of reading.  The best song I could come up with was the Beatles singing “Paperback Writer.”  Click HERE to listen to it on Youtube, and enjoy!  The song is written from the viewpoint of an author, and I think the Beatles did a great job of giving a glimpse at the other side of the coin.  So…I’m off….first to cook breakfast for my family, but then to read another chapter.  (Or three!)


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