Breathe, Little Lizard, Breathe!!! #439


Over the weekend, my husband saved a life.  He has always been my Superman, but truly, in my opinion, this is a story of real-life heroics.

He was outside working on our pool and noticed that there was a lizard near the filter system.  Before he could do anything, the lizard got sucked in, and my husband scrambled to get him out with no luck.   He was hoping to find the little lizard in the basket on the other end.  One minute passed….and nothing.  Two minutes…still nothing.  Three minutes and losing all hope.  Finally, the lizard appeared and seemed to have drowned.  My husband, who has been trained in CPR and first aid basics, began to push the lizard’s little tummy hoping there was a way to perform reptile CPR.  That image may seem a little silly to all of you, but OMG!!!! — It worked!!!  He started taking little breaths and came back to life!

At this point, my husband came in the house holding him on an old ratty t-shirt, and the lizard was still not trying to run away.  I called the Tucson Wildlife Center (, and the center, run by volunteers, connected me with their reptile specialist.  Bob, the reptile guy, said that yes, pushing on his little tummy and performing reptile CPR “sometimes works.”

My husband truly saved this lizard’s life, and it was an incredible experience.  We let the lizard go, per Bob’s instructions, in our backyard, and off he ran as if nothing had ever happened.  He was a happy lizard, and it was beautiful to see him return to his natural habitat.  Here is a picture of our little lizard who touched our hearts this weekend.

My husband suggested that “Breathe” by Pink Floyd should this little lizard’s song, because he watched him fight to take breaths, and thank goodness this story has a happy ending.  So my song of the day is from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album, and you should click HERE to hear “Breathe” while my family appreciates all the breaths of that sweet lizard.  Have a great day y’all, and don’t forget to breathe!



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