30 Thousand Pounds of Bananas, #441


On Labor Day, we went to a party, and I was eaten alive by mosquitos.  I’m a big baby when it comes to these incredibly annoying itchy spots, and I’m the worst about scratching them!  I complain and whine about them a lot, too, and this time I have about 10 of these nasty buggers.  Needless to say, they’re making me nuts, and so a co-working filled me in on a home remedy.  She said that she heard that applying a banana peel to the bite will take the itch away.  So interesting!  As I was talking about it to other co-workers, they said that they use their peels on the children in the preschool, and “it works!,” they assuredly exclaimed.

So guess what?  One of my preschools had bananas for snack yesterday, and I began talking about it again in my music class.  As a science experiment, one of the teachers hunted down a left over banana, and we tried it right there with they eyes of 25ish kids peering curiously at me.  All were fascinated, and I certainly hate to disappoint, but darn it!  That banana peel did nothing for me at all!!  It just left banana slime on my skin, and I continued to itch.

Anyhow, I decided to look up the benefits of banana peel online, and surprisingly, there was a lot about it.  The website, http://www.skinghealthcare.info, lists the following as the benefits of banana peel:

– Relieves pain. Vegetable oils contained in the banana skin has certain compounds which merit as a pain reliever. Attach the banana skin is clean and still fresh to relieve pain in severe burns or scratches.

– Overcoming itch. Itching from insect bites or mild allergies can be overcome with a banana skin. The way is to stick it on the surface of the skin that feels itchy.

– Treating the banana skin warts are believed to have antiviral activity, so that many who use it to drive out the wart from the skin surface. How to put a banana peel, then arrested with plaster and allowed to heal by itself.

– Accelerate wound healing. Wounds that had started to dry itchy skin because it closed off the hardened flakes. Fragments that can be eliminated more quickly simply by rubbing a banana peel, because it will react with the enzymes contained therein.

– Enrich the soil. Not only for the compost mix, banana peels can be directly dumped into the ground just to fertilize plants in the vicinity. Banana peel contains potassium which is needed in plant growth.

– Polish ornamental plants. Various kind of anthurium plants, waves of love and the like would be more interesting if the leaves look shiny green. Use the inside of banana skin texture is soft to polish it, then leaves it will be shiny and more durable.

So there you have it.  Maybe if I would have left the banana peel on my mosquito bites, it would have worked.  Guess I’ll have to try this again, but if you see me walking around with banana peels hanging off of my body, now you’ll know why!

There are two awesome banana songs to use for this topic.  One is “Banana Boat,” and the other is “30 Thousand Pound of Bananas” by Harry Chapin.    I went with the latter, because it’s just such a great story, and I haven’t heard the song for so long.  Click HERE to see and hear Harry Chapin perform this folk classic.

I’m a big believer in home remedies, and when they work, there’s nothing better.  So, feel free to chime in with your home remedy ideas and share the info in my comments below.  I’m eating a banana for breakfast, so I can use the peel, and I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. Ammonia works for itching–quite well, in fact. I have no idea why, but it does. Since it’s an allergic reaction, you should also be able to take an antihistamine (although that’s not really a home remedy). I’ve never tried that one, though.

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