If I Were a Rich Girl, #445


Last night, my family and I went to a fundraiser for our Temple at the restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes.  It’s a pretty good deal that organizations can get 20% of all meals purchased when you bring in a flyer to support the fundraiser.  There are lots of restaurants that do this, and it has become a trend in our community to raise money in this simple way.  Even my children’s public school has a “Sweet Tomatoes” night.

I look at my Temple and its financial struggles and know just how important it is to support these fundraising efforts.  If even a government-funded entity such as my children’s school is needing to find alternative financial support, imagine what a privately funded nonprofit organization goes through.  It’s hard for me to imagine how any non-profit can keep its head above water in these economic times, so thank goodness for these fundraising opportunities!

I’m writing this post today, as a gentle reminder that when you get one of these flyers from your kids’ schools, clubs, religious organizations, etc….make it a point to support them if you can.  Believe me….for my family, going out to dinner on a weekday especially when my husband gets off work late, is not the most convenient thing in the world.  We’d have to eat dinner anyway though, and at least I didn’t have to do the dishes.

I chose Gwen Stefani’s version of “If I Were a Rich Girl” as my song today, because a friend of mine was talking about his favorite songstress yesterday.  This Tucson Songstress knew that I had to pay homage to Gwen who dreams about how she’d spend her money if she unlimited funds, which she probably does….oh, the irony of this song is just so funny!  Whatever….it is good to dream, because it is what creates goals.  So click HERE to watch the video for “If I Were a Rich Girl” on Youtube, and dream big by supporting your local fundraising efforts!



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