We’re Going to a Hukilau, #449


I had the BEST night last night!  My husband and his crew of amazing staff brought a luau to Tucson!  As I said to him at the end of the evening, “All that was missing was the ocean!”  It was great!  Besides swimming in the pool (yes, ocean would have been better…but work with us!  We’re in the desert!) and a bounce house for the kids, he had a fantastic Polynesian dance troupe called ” Siva Maia” come in and perform.  With Tiki torches, leis and pineapple, I really got lost in the moment.

So, here’s how you make a desert luau successful:

Slip ‘n slide:

Tiki Torches:



Hula Instruction:


And Friendships:

I am missing Hawaii big time, but what a happy evening!  I am all smiles today, and so I thought I’d continue the Hawaiian love  with “The Hukilau Song.”  It always makes me smile and feels so authentic Hawaiian.  So, click HERE to feel a little of the Hawaiian love that filled our evening last night and to go to Youtube to hear this awesome song!  Mahalo to my hubby and his awesome staff for a perfect evening!


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