Pour Some Sugar on Me, #450



It’s Rosh Hashana y’all, so a big Happy New Year to all of you.  On this Jewish holiday, it is tradition to eat apples and honey, and this is to remind everyone to have a sweet year ahead.  So, for today’s blog, I thought I’d give you some super sugary sweetness and to tell you all about how my family celebrates this holiday.

Last night we headed to my mother’s house for dinner.  My mother always makes any holiday so special, as she takes out her prettiest china and crystal and table linens.  She always makes certain to use different pieces from our deceased relatives, and it is like they are somehow sharing the holiday with us.  The apples were served in a glass dish that belonged to my paternal grandmother, and the silver cutlery belonged to my maternal grandmother.  She explains each of these memories and the significance of why they are on our table with such pride.

The food is always out of this world: matzah ball soup that is unbeatable by anyone else, brisket, roast veggies, orzo, wine, and of course, apples and honey.  My only assignment for the evening was to bring sliced apples soaked in orange juice so they wouldn’t brown and an apple desert.  My Betty Crocker apple crisp turned out amazing!  Served with vanilla ice cream, this recipe is a winner.  To spread a little of that sweetness, here’s a link to this fantastic recipe.  Click HERE!

Of recent years, my Mom and Dad ask me to bring my guitar and sing some holiday songs at the table.  I know it gives them such joy to hear my children sing, and not to brag too much, my kids know how to rock the house!.  Here we are singing and enjoying our time together.  Sorry for the blurry photo, but it’ll give you the general feel of what a good time we have.

Today, we are heading to services.  My children are getting to be too old for the preschool/tot service, but that is the one we go to anyway.  I lead the singing for that service, and for the holiday, I want my family with me.  To me, that is what the holiday is all about.  The sweetness is sharing it with your loved ones.  Plainly, my family is my apples and honey, and that is how I wish to welcome in the new year.

The sweetness of Rosh Hashana makes me feel like rockin’ out, so no “Spoon Full of Sugar” today if that’s what you all were thinking.  Rather, I am going with Def Leppard.  Click HERE to go to Youtube and hear “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”  May you all have a new year that is filled with sweet sugary goodness.  L’shana tovah!


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