The Dentist Song, #452


We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I will tell you all right now that just because I can teach music, it doesn’t mean I excel in all other areas.  In fact, there are lots of things I’m really lousy at…like math and sports.  Yes, I can play guitar like a rock star, and I typically have an amazing rapport with young people, but teaching is a true skill.  So, here it is….my confession.  I suck at teaching my kids to learn how to read.

My daughter is an excellent reader, but it was from no help from me at all.  Her school taught her every skill she has, and when she was falling behind in Kindergarten, they pushed her and gave her extra help.  Now I find her with her nose in chapter books lost in stories, and it warms my heart to see.  My daughter is a true bookworm, and thank goodness for her amazing teachers.

My son, on the other hand, is just learning his letters.  He’s in Kindergarten, and at this early part of the year, he’s already been identified as a kid who’s needs some extra help.  It thrills me that he is getting one on one reading attention from an expert.  Last night, I decided to work with him on the already long list of sight words that he came home with.  I knew that learning these words would be a struggle for him, so I chose three words to work on:  I, He, and As.  I must have gone over those words 100 times with him, and we spent about an hour on them.  It’s not that he lacked attention (ok…maybe towards the end he was wavering), but I can tell you all right now, that my kid still does not know how to read those 3 words.  Perhaps it was too much too soon, but whatever the case, teaching reading is not my forte.  (And by the way….I was really pathetic at teaching potty training, too!)

With both my kids, trying to teach them how to read was and is like pulling teeth, and that is why my song of the day is “The Dentist Song” from “Little Shop of Horrors.”  Teaching them how to read makes me feel like I am inflecting pain upon them even if there are great benefits in the end.  The stage production of “Little Shop of Horrors” is always really fun to see, but Steve Martin really played a hilarious dentist in the film adaptation.  If you haven’t seen him perform this song before, you must click HERE and go to Youtube to listen today.  Even if you have seen it before, Steve Martin’s performance will guarantee you some laughs, so enjoy and watch it again.

Ok, blog friends, please keep your fingers crossed that my little one picks up reading skills from the great teaching staff at his school just as his sister did, because unfortunately, this dentist is out to lunch!  Office closed indefinitely!


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