Call me Mavy, #456


There is a lot to be said for customer service, and yesterday, we saw the high and the low of it.  First I’ll tell you about the high.

One of my husband’s many job responsibilities includes overseeing an after school program.  Because he runs school days out and camp programs, as well, he’s made some pretty good contacts around town for kid’s activities.  One of his movie contacts called him and was trying to promote an advanced screening for the new Adam Sandler animated film, Hotel Transylvania.  He brought prizes in for the kids and handed out free movie passes.  I believe the concept is that the movie promoters hope we’ll talk up the movie and get our friends around our communities excited about seeing it.  My husband’s contact was so helpful, and all the kids in the after school program loved getting the freebies.  This guy gets an A+ in customer service.

Ok….now for the low of it.

We were excited about seeing the film especially because it doesn’t even come out for another week.  Our excitement was building as they handed us the 3D glasses, and with funny man Adam Sandler at the helm, this was a sure fire winner.  As we got to the entrance of the theatre, however, there was a man at a table with brown paper lunch bags and rolls of tickets.  They were asking all the attendees to check our cell phones.  I believe this was in fear that we would bootleg the movie and put it up on Youtube.  Whatever the case, there is a way to go about handling situations like this, and the employee (He didn’t work for the theatre.  He was employed by the movie promotions company) was a rude and angry man who should have never been in a position of authority.  My husband politely said as he handed over his phone, “Boy…I hope we don’t have any emergencies.”  Mr. Meanie responded curtly, “Well, you don’t have to see the film if you don’t like it.”  With my easier-to-charm-a-bee-with-honey attitude I said, “He just means that if our home alarm goes off or something of that kind, there will be no way to contact us.”  Instead of an apology and explanation as to why they are required to take the phones, this yucky man said, “Look, if you don’t want to give it to me, go put it in your car or don’t watch the film.”  Sheesh….this guys needs lessons in politeness and social skills!  F grade in customer service!

We quickly found our seats, and before the movie started, we felt bad.  It’s amazing how one individual can ruin an experience.  He took away part of our excitement, and his crankiness rubbed off.  That is the problem when people don’t deliver their words with kindness.  They don’t realize it, but their attitudes are contagious.

As the movie started and we settled back into our comfy chairs, we drifted away into the charming story of Hotel Transylvania.  It is adorable, and I know it will do well in theatres.  It has a very Despicable Me me flavor to it, but it is a perfect Halloween season movie.  It’s not too scary for your little ones either.  They did a great job of keeping it age appropriate, and I do recommend it for a fun time.

To give you all a little taste of this upcoming hit, my song today is “Call Me Mavy,” which of course, is the film’s parody on “Call Me Maybe.”  I was hoping to find another song used in the closing scene of the movie, but it is not available yet on Youtube.  The other song is better than this one, but still, it will give you all a glimpse of this cute film.  Click HERE to go to Youtube and to watch this musical scene from Hotel Transylvania.

It is too bad how that one bad person is the focus of this blog.  All the elements of a great time were set up….friendly promoter, great prizes, free tickets, advance film, 3D, and a very cute movie that I am happy to recommend.  My point: words and the delivery of them can have a big impact.  Watch what you say both professionally and in all you do, and any kindness you put out will come right back to you.


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