Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty, #457


I’ve always been a crafty kind of a gal.  Growing up at summer camps, you could easily find me hanging in the art shack during our free choice time.  It was the place I’d find comfort, solace and creative expression.  Today, I am still a crafter though it is so much more difficult to find time to do everything I’d like.  There are lists of projects I’d love to tackle, and it’s a rare moment that I get a few hours alone to have the luxury of being so leisure with crafting.

Yesterday, however, was one of those rare moments!  I had been invited to be a “community helper” in my son’s kindergarten class.  The teacher’s “community helper” project invites parents of the students in the class to come in and discuss their jobs.  Being a music teacher, I really wanted each of the kids to have their own instrument to participate in my little music demo.  Shakers are the easiest to make and to use, so I headed to the Dollar Tree store yesterday to see what I could dig up.  I found a gem!  Something I had never used before as shakers, too.  I found the coolest ice pop makers, and the lid had a ring on top!  I went to two Dollar Tree stores and bought every single ice pop pack I could find.  They are the coolest shakers, so I just had to share this with all of you.

First, I dyed rice with food coloring to make the shakers colorful.  Look how pretty it turned out!  It’s rainbow rice!

Then, I put the rice into the ice pop 3/4 full and hot glue-gunned the top shut.  We don’t want those tops coming off.  That would be a rainbow of a mess!  Check out how simple and cool these ice pop shakers are.

So, if you ever find these little ice pop makers with the rings on top, think shaker…..not necessarily ice pops.  They are perfect for little hands!  My song of the day is one I can “shake, shake, shake” to.  Click HERE to check out KC and the Sunshine Band performing “Shake Your Booty” on a 1970’s episode of Soul Train.  Oh man!  The clothes alone are enough to make your whole day, but the song is fun, too.  So, have fun shaking and “Shake Your Booty” all day long with shaker in hand and a smile on your face!


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