West End Girls, #458


For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I’ve written before about driving around town and listening to music in my car.  It’s always like a frenzy of sound in my car as I switch from radio, to CD , to Bluetooth IPad music and continue the pattern over and over again until I find a song that completely suits the moment for me.  Yesterday, I was driving and the song “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop boys came on the radio.  I hadn’t heard the song in a really long time, and I cranked up the radio as images of funny 80’s clothes and hair ran through my mind.

I love this song, and it made me wonder about the Pet Shop Boys and whatever happened to them.  Little did I know that not only are they still making music, but they have a new album that just came out this month.  The album is entitled Elysium, and the first single released is a track called “Winner.”  Click HERE to hear the new single from their new album.  The song completely sounds like the Pet Shop Boys and it is true to their Electro-Pop roots, but it is no “West End Girls.”  Perhaps that is why I didn’t know they were still making music, as I felt this song fell a little short of one of their 80’s hits.

Well…no matter what…the Pet Shop Boys will always make me smile, and so my true song of the day is their classic “West End Girls” for no other reason but to be nostalgic.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear a whole bunch of 80’s fun.  Crank up the radio, and enjoy the ride!


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