Burning Down the House, #464


I attended a fantastic event yesterday.  It was a book launch and signing for a children’s book entitled “Born to Wear Blue.”  The author, Patty Vallance, is a local Tucson award-winning philanthropist who has been volunteering for the Tucson Fire Foundation for over three years.  Her work there inspired her to write this book, which promotes fire safety.  Here is a picture of the book:

The illustrations are fantastic, and the message is strong.  There is even a special section in the book that teaches children how and when to dial 9-1-1.  True to her philanthropic nature, the proceeds of this book benefit the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation, and I think it is a fabulous way to kick off and bring attention to fire safety month.  For more information about this book, click HERE , and it will bring you to “Born to Wear Blue’s” website.

Every home needs to be ready for all types of emergencies, and every home should have a fire evacuation plan.  For fire safety and other emergency disaster tips, click HERE , and you will head to the Greater Tucson Fire Department’s tips on “Disaster Preparedness.”

The purpose of this blog today is to bring attention to your own fire safety and to remind you all to think about this topic in terms of your family’s home safety plans.  October is fire safety month, and I encourage you all to talk about fire safety to your children.  “Born to Wear Blue” is a perfect way to do it.  My song of the day really needed to be a great “fire” song.  There are lots of good ones:  “Great Balls of Fire,” “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” or “Come on Baby Light My Fire.”  I chose “Burning Down the House,” by the Talking Heads, however, because I wanted the song to remind of you of fire safety in your own homes.  This one is a perfect song for it, and it’s awesome to boot.  So, click HERE to go to Youtube to hear this totally cool song, and please use it as your reminder to acknowledge fire safety month for you and your family.


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