ABC, Easy as 123, #465


Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of volunteering in my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom.  In her few years of elementary school, I have never done this before.  My schedule is busy, and I have just brushed off the volunteering jobs as jobs for parents who don’t work.  About a month ago, however, my son had a field trip to our local Barnes and Nobel store.  Because his field trip was in the afternoon, I was able to meet up with his class.  When I showed up, he was beaming with pride that his Mommy was there.  I realized at that moment just how important it is to spend as much time with them at school as I can.

Just last week, I joined up with his class again to be one of their “community helpers.”  I discussed what being a music teacher is like and gave them a little music demo.  Again, he was so excited to have me in his classroom.  In a few weeks, my husband is volunteering to go on their field trip to the pumpkin patch, and I know he will experience this rewarding feeling in the same way that I do.  I can’t wait for my hubby to report back on that day.

As a result of spending this time in my son’s classroom, I signed up for a once-a-month visit to my daughter’s 2nd grade class to help the children with “writer’s workshop.”  My job is to help the children write with details in their work.  The topic yesterday was to name their favorite season and to explain why they loved it so much.  The teacher wanted them to avoid making a list of reasons and to add a lot of description.  This was right up my alley!  I love writing, and helping kids with their imaginations is just about the best job you could have given me.

My daughter was glowing that her Mommy was helping out in the classroom, and again, it was an affirmation of how meaningful it is to my kids to share in what they spend their time doing everyday.  My daughter was overjoyed for me to get to know her friends and to show me her artwork hanging on the wall.  Why haven’t I been volunteering all along?  Yes, my effort of commitment is needed in this area.

My song of the day is the Jackson 5’s classic hit, “ABC.”  I chose it, because helping out in the classroom is one of the most fulfilling activities I’ve done lately, and I’m thrilled to help my kids learn at the same time.  “ABC” is the quintessential school song, and it is perfect for this topic.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear the song.  Parents, I encourage you all to volunteer in your kids’ classrooms, because not only will it make them so happy to have you there, but it will fill your soul, as well, as it has done mine.


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