From the Beginning, #468


The Jewish holiday, Simchat Torah, is fast approaching us.  This holiday is special to me, so I thought I’d explain it to my non-Jewish friends and tell you my sweet little story about it, too.

Simchat Torah (rejoicing with the Torah) is the holiday when you finish reading the Torah.  It takes Jews an entire year of reading weekly Shabbat Torah portions to get to this moment, and when we finally reach it, we need to unroll the entire scroll, and roll it back up to the beginning.  In true Jewish fashion, there is a celebration at this moment of completion, and if you go to a synagogue on Simchat Torah, you will see the congregants dancing up and down the aisles with the Torahs in hand.  It’s actually a pretty wild celebration, and my kids love being part of the “Torah parade” every year.

That is not why the holiday is special to me though.  Simchat Torah holds a solid place in my heart because my husband and I were married at sunset on this holiday almost 9 years ago.  Our Rabbi at the time related our new marriage to Simchat Torah.  She talked about new beginnings, and that the Torah starts with the book of Genesis.  We would be starting a new life together.  It was a perfect symbiotic moment, and the holiday always puts me in check with how far we’ve come since our wedding day in 2003.

We have come really far.  We’ve established a life for ourselves in Tucson (we moved from to this city Los Angeles less than a year after we were married) and have built good relationships with our community.  We have two amazing children who I am appreciative for every day.  We live in a home that is filled with love and good stories and memories made at almost every corner.  Yes, our life together has blossomed and flourished, and I am truly proud and in awe of it.

My song of the day is one of my husband’s favorites.  “From the Beginning” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer seems like a perfect song when you’re talking about the book of Genesis and a new marriage.  Plus, it’s an excellent piece of music and one that I love having as my song today.  Click HERE to go to Youtube and to hear some really good music.

If you celebrate Simchat Torah, I hope you have a really joyful holiday.  Know that I will be full of appreciation as we celebrate and filled with beautiful memories of one of the best days of my life.



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