The Monster Mash, #474


Halloween, in my opinion, is the very best holiday season of the year.  Finally, after months of Tucson desert heat, the weather cools off, and it’s like the whole atmosphere changes with it.  The pumpkin patches are open, and when you walk into specialty stores, you smell hot apple cider and mulling spices brewing.  With the coolness that you feel in the air, you can sense a Halloween eeriness, and there’s this magical vibe that permeates everything.

I could go on and on and on about the awesome attributes of Halloween, but my real purpose of this blog today is to express the joy on my daughter’s face when we walked into our local Halloween Express store yesterday for our annual costume shopping venture.  We are both like kids in a candy store checking out zombies and plastic bloodied arms and spooky Mona Lisa wall hangings.  We walk up and down every aisle giggling over the costumes and wishing we could buy up everything in the store.  My kid has developed my same love of this holiday, and picking out her costume is a very big deal.

This year was a little different.  We had ordered her costume online, and when it arrived, it didn’t fit at all.  My son’s costume was perfect, and she had some serious disappointment and concern that she would never get a new costume.  So, not only was picking out her costume fun yesterday, but it was also a relief.

As we were checking out with the purchase, the Halloween Express counter top was littered with Halloween CDs.  There were buttons to press to hear song samples.  “Ooohhhhh, I love this one” she exclaimed as she pressed a button.  “The Monster Mash” came on, and her whole face lit up as she danced while I paid.  Oh yes, this is a really good time of year, because to see her bright grin is something that is just irreplaceable.  We share this Halloween bond, and I am looking forward to every treasurable moment that the next couple of weeks will bring to us.

To start up this very special season, my song of the day, of course, is “The Monster Mash.”  Click HERE to go to Youtube and to get in to the Halloween spirit.  Get ready friends, because Halloween is under way!


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