Talk of the Town, #476


One week ago today, I became a short-haired person when I donated my hair to the amazing Angel Hair Foundation.  (Click HERE to read all about “My Hair Journey” and to read more about the Angel Hair Foundation.)  My new haircut is growing on me, and though I am still squirting out too much shampoo every morning when I go to wash my hair, I’m getting used to the whole thing.

What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was how cutting my hair would become a major discussion every single place that I’ve gone for this whole past week.  I’m not faulting anyone for asking about it.  There is a dramatic “wow” factor when people see me for the first time, but it’s weird.  I guess I just didn’t realize that every place I went to and every school and class I taught would not just want to talk about my hair, but they needed to talk about it.

Preschool children weren’t sure it was the same me, and I needed to reassure them that it was just a haircut.  Older students wanted (demanded) to know what provoked me to do it.  When I talked about donating my hair it opened other very deep discussions about loss and illness and about their own family members who had donated their hair.  Grown ups looked at me with new admiration, because cutting all your hair off when you’re settled in your ways is just shocking it seems.

I have appreciated the “your hair looks great” comments, because the truth is that my confidence level wavers and who wants to look crappy?  It’s a little uncomfortable to be 40-years-old and be unsure of yourself.  Afterall, that is the beauty of getting older.  We don’t care as much what people think of us.  A drastic haircut, however, can bring you back to your awkward middle school self , and it has been a bit unsettling to receive all of the attention.

My song of the day is Jack Johnson’s “Talk of the Town,” because that is what this past week has felt like for me.  Jack Johnson is an excellent modern-day folk artist, and I love his music.  Everything he writes just make me so happy, and so I love sharing his music as my song of the day.  Click HERE to go to Youtube and to hear “Talk of the Town.”

Now that this week has passed and everyone has seen me for the first time, perhaps we can all move on from my hair.  Really, it is just hair.  It’s amazing how attached we all get to it, but in the end, it is only a superficial necessity.  So….onward and upward.  I can’t wait to see what new thing is around the corner!


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