More Than This, #480


It is no secret that I spent my wonder years daydreaming about Duran Duran and praying that somehow I would meet John Taylor and we’d live happily ever after when he realized I was the coolest girl in the whole world.  Simply….I loved him, and my “Durany” status is what defined me from 5th grade all the way through middle school.

When I discovered that John Taylor had written a biography, I began a countdown for the day I would finally be able to read it.  Yesterday was the day.  I purchased the book on IBooks for my IPad first thing in the morning and splurged on the extra $3 so I could read the “enhanced” version of the book.  I am so glad I did!  I’ve never read an “enhanced” book before, and it is the most awesome thing ever! There are little video clip commentaries every few pages of John Taylor and portions that are audio clips where he reads the book to you.  What an amazing way to enjoy a story.

The book is surprisingly well written, which is making me realize John Taylor’s talent is deeper than I expected.  He writes descriptively and with details that I only wish I could use to describe my childhood.  Yes, I am only 60 pages into the book, but I love delving into the life of my childhood crush.

What is striking me about this book is a realization that John Taylor became a famous pop star, because he was a music groupie and obsessed with his favorite bands just as I was with Duran Duran.  He used to wait outside stage doors to catch a glimpse of his favorite artists and listen in the wings of venues to sound checks on the afternoons before a concert when a favorite band was in town.  His first concert was David Bowie and then Roxy Music.  He even saved all of his ticket stubs to every show he went to all throughout his teenage years.

Music has an untouchable power.  It evokes passion and freedom within a soul, and it really is a universal language.  I love reading how that power guided a young boy from England to create one of the most awesome pop rock bands of all time.  I can’t stop grinning as I read these words.  I’m kind of dreading the part of the book when John Taylor faces demons and goes down a dark road.  I guess too much of anything can be a bad thing.

My song of the day is Roxy Music’s “More Than This,” as I pay homage to be being a huge music fan.  It is obvious to me just how much Roxy Music influenced Duran Duran’s initial music when they came on the scene.  So click HERE to go to Youtube and to hear John Taylor’s wonder years obsession.  I guess we all had one, and I’m glad that Duran Duran was mine.


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