Good Times, #482


Nine years ago today, I walked down this staircase ready to begin the new life of a married woman…

And into the arms of this man….

It was an incredible day, but more than remembering our wedding today, I am thinking of all that we have shared together over these 9 years.  Our first significant event was the birth of our daughter born just 11 months after we were married.  A co-worker at the time said, “Man….you don’t let the grass grow under your feet!” when I announced that I was pregnant.  Phooey on him!  Just look at what we created!

And here she is just a few weeks ago at her 8th birthday party…

Just before our daughter was born, we moved from Los Angeles to Tucson.  It took a year to buy a home, but we did.  We love our home, as this is where most of our memories are created.  Here are a few pictures enjoying where we live.

Roasting marshmallows around our fire pit…

Taking a walk around the neighborhood….

Getting to know our neighbors….

We even once had a fashion show in the back yard!

You can see that there is a boy in these pictures.  He arrived 2 years and six weeks after our daughter was born.  There is never a dull moment with my son.  Here he is yesterday as all of the Kindergarteners performed the song “La Raspa” (aka “The Mexican Hat Dance.”)  What a good little performer he is:

There have been amazing vacations.

To the Polar Express…

To San Antonio, TX….

To New Mexico….

With Spongebob….

To Hawaii….

And most recently, to Disneyland…

There have been holidays a plenty!



Rosh Hashana….



Yes, you can see…life with my husband has been AMAZING, and I am leaving so many things out!  I am the luckiest lady in the world, and that is why my song today is “Good Times” by Chic.  Click HERE to go to Youtube and hear this 70’s classic.  We have had more “good times” than you can imagine, and I can hardly wait to see what the next chapter will bring to us.  Happy anniversary, honey!  Thank you for an incredible 9 years.  I love you!


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