Save a Prayer, #487


What is it about rock stars that can make my heart pitter patter?  I have such a weakness to guitar playing poetic guys with good hair and talent.  I have lived a lifetime of rock star worship and between Bono, Bon Jovi, Sting and John Taylor from Duran Duran, the teeny bopper in me has never wavered.  I even had to marry a guitar-playing hottie, and really, I don’t think I could have had it any other way.

I keep writing about John Taylor’s autobiography, “In the Pleasure Groove,” because as I am reading it, it is so much on my mind.  I am absolutely fascinated by the life of this pop star I have been so obsessed with for so many years.  Though it is painful for me to read about his drug use and rampages and his total disregard to love, underneath it all, he is actually so likeable.  Where he lacked in respect towards women (I think this changes after he gets treated for substance abuse), his character made up for it twofold in his love and respect for his craft and for music.  Of course, a love for music is something I can relate to and admire.

I love reading about the inner workings of the music.  My favorite story is when Duran Duran was filming in Sri Lanka and the story behind the “Save a Prayer” video.  First, there is the story of the fedora.  Simon LeBon wore it in the “Hungry Like the Wolf” video (also filmed on their Sri Lanka journey) to add an “Indiana Jones” vibe.  Here’s a photo of Simon with the hat:

Somehow, the fedora made its way to John in the “Save a Prayer” video.  The experience of that video at a Buddhist temple ruins was so spiritual and beautiful, John wore the fedora for about a year afterwards.  Here he is wearing the hat, too:

I also really love the story of how an elephant sprayed John in full force with its trunk full of water.  John wrote that he was teased for years about that moment by all the Duran guys, but he called the moment “one of his most treasured memories.”  You can see in the video his huge grin and laughter as it happens.  Again, it is so cool to learn about that moment I’ve been watching for years but knew nothing about until now.

I love how reading “In the Pleasure Groove” has given this video and song that I’ve known so well new meaning.  I’m obsessing over it all over again, and it’s really fun to be into this music again with new discoveries.

So, of course, my song of the day needs to be “Save a Prayer” so I can pass on a little bit of my most recent obsession to all of you.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to watch the video and please take particular notice of John Taylor getting sprayed by that elephant.  It’s such a happy moment and one to carry with you through your day.  Enjoy and have a very happy and wonderful day!


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