Shadows of the Night, #488


I love the time of the day in the morning that I have to myself before I wake the rest of my family.  It is my time to think and to write and to just be peaceful.  Writing a “song of the day blog” even allows me to listen to good music to start my day, and it really is a pleasure.  My alarm goes off at 5:30am everyday, and the crack of dawn is not even something that I really complain about too much.  “Do you really have to wake up so early?” my husband asks.  Yes, I do….it is MY time!

Here’s the thing though.  Waking up at 5:30 am becomes increasingly difficult as the days get shorter.  Why is it such a struggle to get of bed when it’s dark outside?  If I can see Orion’s belt, then I feel like I should still be sleeping.  It’s always been a weird concept to me though….really, 5:30 is 5:30 whether it’s dark or light out.  So why the struggle?

Here’s the craziest part, too.  I would think there would be a ton of articles on this subject, so I looked it up online.  Nothing.  There were plenty of articles on how to wake up early, but I couldn’t find one single thing about the psychology of waking up when it’s dark outside.  I was hoping to share some wisdom and tips with my blog readers, but sorry folks.  Perhaps I am the only person in the world who mentally struggles to get of bed just because of the dark?  I mean….sheesh….I know I’m a little off beat, but I cannot believe that I am alone in this!

Oh well….just so you all know, the darkness outside when I’m waking up really affects me.  I’m a sunshine and rainbows and fluffy white clouds kind of a gal, and pretty twinkling stars should be reserved for the evenings only.  My song of the day is Pat Benetar’s “Shadows of the Night,” because I do feel like I’ve been “running with the shadows of the night” a lot lately.  Unfortunately, those shadows are sticking around into the morning.  Boo.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear the song.  Now that I’m wrapping up this blog, the sun has finally come up.  Time to go wake the kids.  Peace time is over for now.


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