Kids In America, #491


My kids and I try to milk the Halloween season for everything that it’s worth.  We start the season by decorating the house, getting pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, buying costumes, carving pumpkins,  roasting seeds, and then when Halloween weekend rolls around, we make sure to hit up as many parties as we can even if it is not actually Halloween yet….like this year since Halloween falls on a Wednesday.  This weekend has only been the precursor to the fun, as my kids hit up a costume party on Friday night and mall trick-or-treating last night.

I love mall trick-or-treating, because we always run into a gazillion people we know.  It’s so much fun as we go from store to store.  Seriously….what a double pleasure of shopping and candy all rolled into one.  There are always a few stores that don’t participate though, and I can never understand why they don’t invest just a little money into the candy and get people into their store.  Whatever, Halloween scrooges…we have fun despite you.  Check it out:

At Tiffany & Co.

Outside of Louis Vuitton’s awesome store window.  (They were not passing out candy, but that store window got me!)

At Brighton’s

At Aveda

At Francesca’s Collections

Happy trick-or-treaters!

Yes….mall trick-or-treating is a good time, and I highly recommend it if you haven’t done it before.  Seeing so many trick-or-treaters in their adorable costumes can always warm the heart.  It’s a great American past time, and that is why my song today is “Kid’s in America” by 80’s New Wave artist, Kim Wilde.  Click HERE to hear this very cool song and to appreciate some good American fun!

Have a great, safe Halloween season everyone.  I’m sure there will be more pictures to come over the next several days.  Enjoy, enjoy and Happy Halloween!


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