Frankenstorm, #492


I think the Halloween G-ds got it wrong this year.  It was supposed to be “Frankenstein”….not “Frankenstorm.”  The anticipation of the monstrous Hurricane Sandy is worse than any Halloween haunted story could ever be.  This hurricane is a gigantic curdling scream whisking its way across populated city centers and affecting scores of people.

I am feeling protected in my desert town far away from the coast.  On most days, I complain about being so far away from any body of water.  I miss living near the ocean so much, but on this day and time, I am happy to be surrounded in a security blanket of mountains.  Tucson has always seemed to be a pretty benign natural disaster city…no earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes….just the way I like it.

It is the best time of year in Tucson:  cool temps, amazing sunsets, no clouds in the sky.  October is a magical month for us.  It is a little harder to enjoy, however, knowing what’s going on with all of my friends and family on the other side of the country.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I hope this “Frankenstorm” goes away as quickly as Halloween does….one quick day that is fleeting and disappears much quicker than the days leading up to it.

My song of the day is Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein.”  It is an instrumental rock anthem, and I think it’s lack of words for this crazy monster is a perfect way to describe Hurricane Sandy.  There are cranked up guitar riffs and synthesizer sounds coming together to make up this monstrous song….but no words, because how can one describe something so supernatural?  Yes, Sandy is the same; individual components of cold fronts and hurricane coming together and stirring up the unexpected.  Click HERE to go to Youtube and to hear Edgar Winter’s masterpiece.

Please stay safe from the “Frankenstorm.”  Like in a horror movie, the character who gets hurt is the one who goes looking for trouble.  So, stay in doors and dry!  This desert gal is thinking of all of you!


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