Peaceful Rain


With the havoc of Hurricane Sandy running rampant on the East coast, I think it’s important to remember that rain is used, at times, to soothe and bring about peacefulness.  Therefore, my Top 10 Tuesday musical activity of the week is to do just that.  Today, we will be using a rainstick to replicate this sound from nature and to appreciate how much beauty it can really bring about.

This activity is intended for all ages.  From babies to adults, we can all appreciate the lovely sound of rain.  To do this activity, you will, of course, need a rainstick.  Here is a picture of my favorite clear one.

I love that children are able to see how a rainstick works when using one that is see-through.  Not only is it a lesson in music, but just adding the visual aspect can bring about other forms of learning, as well.  Besides, it’s colorful and fun to boot!

You can purchase a rainstick at a local music store, specialty shop or click HERE to go to the listing.  Making rainsticks is also a wonderful craft to do with children.  If you wish to try to make an original, click HERE to go to an easy step by step instruction at

You will also need a computer with speakers hooked up so you can listen to sounds of rain.

Below you will find a list of Youtube links that will lead you to rain samples.  Have your child listen to the various rain sounds and try to match them to the best of their ability with the rainstick.  In each of these examples, the rain is taking place in different locations.  Have your children try to verbally tell you the difference of how the rain sounds in each location.  They can try to play the rainstick to match.  As the rain picks up or drops off, they can play the rain sounds faster or slower, too.  They can add thunder with claps or vocal sounds, or they can just listen.

–For a 30 minute rain storm of various speeds and heaviness, click HERE.

–For rain on a metal roof, click HERE

–For rain from inside a car, click HERE

–For rain dripping in a bucket, click HERE

–For rain on a tent, click HERE

Finally, rain combined with other relaxing instruments can be really peaceful, as well, and I have I have even heard this style of music while getting a massage before.  Have your child listen to this very beautiful combination of rain and soft piano by clicking  HERE.  They can add their own rain sounds to the music with the rainstick and try to maintain its peacefulness.

Thank you for stopping for today’s Top 10 Tuesday musical activity.  For a complete list of all my musical instruments under $40 that will promote music education in the home and to learn more about Top 10 Tuesdays, click HERE.  Together, we can give your children the musical upbringing they deserve and spread a little joy while we’re at it.  Please remember to come back every Tuesday for new activities, and until next week, play on!


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