Tonight, Tonight….is Halloween!, #493


Welcome, blog readers, to the best day of the entire year!  Yes, that’s right…’s Halloween.  I am still a kid on Halloween and just really love this entire celebration.  As a grown up, taking my kids through the traditions of this holiday is even better than celebrating it myself.  Trick-or-treating with my kids is the BEST!  There is nothing better than their excitement as we go door to door.  Sugar highs and crashes aside, Halloween is simply fun!

Last night I picked my children up early knowing we had a job to do.  Our evening was devoted to carving our pumpkins and roasting the seeds.  We take our pumpkin carving seriously, and of course, my kids always have to pick the most difficult pumpkin templates.  Couldn’t they just be happy with a simple jack-o-lantern grin.  Nope….they need Disney pumpkins, and every year, I have to say that I amaze myself that I can actually pull it off.


So….here it is… 2012 pumpkins… (drum roll, please!)



Scooby Doo as a Witch

Lightening McQueen

Silly Witch with Dollar Store enhancements

My happy kiddos carving pumpkins


The best part….the fruits of our labor:  Pumpkin Seeds!!!!

It took us 3-1/2 hours to get all of these pumpkins done, and we gazed in amazement as the glowed outside our family room door.  What a great way to get this holiday rolling, and you should all know that between the school parties and tonight’s celebrations, we will be having a truly wonderful day.

My song of the day is by the Smashing Pumpkins, because I think of them every year as I carve.  What a shame they’re not still making music together.  To remind you all of how great they were, I chose their song “Tonight, Tonight,” because I am so excited for the festivities tonight!  Click HERE to go to Youtube and to hear and watch this awesome song.

Have a great Halloween everyone!  Enjoy it to the fullest!


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  1. Bravo!!! Your pumpkins are beautiful just like your spirit! Your blog is always very interesting and I thank you for taking the time to continuously write. Happy Halloween to all of you.

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