Stay With Me, #500


Tucson news has reported that our mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, has recently pardoned rocker,Rod Stewart, by lifting a ban that prevented Stewart from returning to Tucson.  Apparently, Stewart and his band, Faces, trashed several hotel rooms and a miniature train in an unidentified hotel some 40 years ago in response to the hotel’s bar not being open for business.  Mayor Rothschild wrote to the British television show, Loose Women, “while I cannot speak to any legal obligations he may have, I can say that Mr. Stewart is welcome in our city, and we would be happy to have him visit.”

There is no one who loves rock stars and appreciates classic rock music more than I do, but reading about Rod Stewart’s behavior makes me wonder what really went down that evening all of those years ago.  If he was banned from the city, (Or was it just from the hotel?) it must have been a pretty ugly scene.    As my mother would say, “There is no excuse for poor behavior.”

Granted, 40 years was a lifetime ago, and Rod Stewart must have reached higher levels of maturity with his age.  He’s turning 68 in January, which means he was only 28 when this incident happened.  At age 40, I personally am a very different person than I was in my 20’s, and thank goodness I haven’t been held responsible for all the stupid stuff I did back then.  Of course, I never trashed a hotel room either, and age and life experiences will change anyone.

Rothschild went on to say in his letter, “I can’t say if any particular hotel will ask Rod to ‘stay with me’ – still, I hope there is ‘reason to believe’ Mr. Stewart will visit us again.”  Star magazine reported that Stewart was “delighted” with Mayor Rothschild’s email and asked for a copy of it to show his former Faces band mates.

Of course, my song of the day has to be “Stay With Me.”  It is one of my favorite Rod Stewart songs, and this acoustic version I found on Youtube with former Faces guitarist, Ronnie Wood (Yes…the same guy from the Rolling Stones) is A+ fantastic.  What an awesome performance that you really should watch.  Click HERE to go to Youtube, as it is Rod Stewart a little older and wiser and at his very best.

So, Rod Stewart…Tucson welcomes you back.  Have your people call our people, and let’s get a performance on the calendar.  An acoustic show with Ronnie Wood would be the first on my wish list.  Make it happen!  I expect to see you sometime in 2013!




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