When You Wish Upon a Star, #506


Yesterday, I was under the weather and at home with my also under the weather daughter.  As I was zoning out and reflecting about my amazing weekend with Rick Recht and at Song Leader Boot Camp, the same thought kept drifting through my head.  “Coming down from fairy tales is hard!”  I even used the thought as a Facebook and Twitter status.

As I was thinking this thought over and over again, my daughter suddenly announced that she wanted to read a poem to me.  She had had her nose in Shel Silverstein’s book entitled “Everything On It,” and she very adamantly declared that her poem of choice from the book was called “Happy Ending?”

Happy Ending?

There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.

Wow!  Talk about being in tune!  It’s like she had read my thoughts.  Here I was feeling blue from an ending, and with 4 sentences, she validated my feelings and brought me back to remember the “happy middle” and “happy start” of the fairy tale.  What a wise, wise little girl I have to see the importance of that poem.

Shel Silverstein really was spot on.  Endings are not the happy parts of a story.  All the moments leading up to the endings are the happy parts.  So, today, I am reflecting on happy middles and starts and am forgetting about the ending.  Perhaps there really isn’t an ending, and I’m just moving on and on in the middle. Today, my Facebook/Twitter status should read:  “I’m in the middle of a happy middle.”  It’s a nice thought, and a very sweet way to start my day.

My song of the day today is “When You Wish Upon a Star,” as it is the quintessential fairy tale song.  I also love that Pinocchio’s wish is established at the beginning of the story, so it is also the perfect “happy start” song.  Click HERE to got to Youtube and to hear Jiminy Cricket sing the Disney classic.

May you all have a “happy start” to your “happy middles” today, and may all your dreams come true.


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  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this lovely story… Lovely in so many ways. This affirms my profound belief that we are all communicating in many ways … Understood and mysterious…… Those near and far… Those on the ” other side” and those sleeping next to us.

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