A Professional Pirate, #510


My son is a professional pirate.  It is true.  Yesterday, at his 6th birthday party, a pirate came and turned him into one.  First, she gave him a pirate beard and mustache.

Then, she presented him with his cape…

….and his bandana.

He dubbed the girls “pirate princesses”…

….and defended his pirate ship.

He even made other pirates walk the plank.

All of his pirate work made him hungry, so he settled down for some birthday cake…Pirates of the Carribbean, of course.

He said goodbye to his pirate friend and had a very happy 6th birthday.

In honor of his new career, my song of the day is “A Professional Pirate” from The Muppet’s “Treasure Island” movie and performed by amazing actor, Tim Curry.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to see this very fun performance.  You can never go wrong with The Muppets and Tim Curry!  Arrrrgggghhhh, mateys, and have a very nice day!



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