Teddy Bear, #517


Yesterday, we took the kids to Build-a-Bear workshop as a birthday present from their Uncle. I’ve experienced Build-a-Bear a couple of times in their childhood, and I’m writing about it today, because I am once again, so impressed with the company.

Build-a-Bear was founded by Maxine Clark in 1997. The concept was born one day when she was out shopping with a 10-year-old girl named Katie in search of the perfect stuffed animal. Katie couldn’t find what she wanted, and she suggested to make their own stuffed animal as a craft project. The idea was established at that moment, and today, there are over 400 Build-a-Bear stores world-wide. The concept is brilliant: “an interactive make-your-own stuffed animal retail-entertainment experience.”

I am also so impressed with all of the charitable organizations that Build-a-Bear has founded and supports. The company has given over $30 million away to various organizations and through grants. Some of their own programs are: Stuffed with Hugs, Huggable Heroes, The Build-a-Bear Foundation, The Build-a-Bear Hugs Foundation, Champ – A Champion Fur Kids, Read Teddy, Bearmy’s Kennel Pals, a partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation, and a Partnership with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. To read more about these amazing programs and to check out the Build-a-Bear company fact sheet, click HERE.

I am happy to support Build-a-Bear Workshop and spend my good hard-earned money in their stores, because they are doing really good things for children everywhere. They are spreading joy, building imaginations and giving back to the world. What more could you ask for in a for-profit mega company? They should be a model for businesses everywhere, and the best part of it is watching the smiles on my children’s faces as they play with their newly treasured stuffed animals.

My song of the day is Elvis Presley’s “Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear,” because even the King of Rock ‘n Roll knew how desirable a teddy bear was. Click HERE to go to Youtube to see Elvis perform this very sweet song. Feel free to rock out with your beloved bears and spread a little joy to all!


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