Thank You, #521


It always amazes me that people I don’t know actually read my blog.  There’s something very nice knowing that there are people relating to me or getting information from me.  It kind of boggles my mind, and I’m a statistics junkie analyzing the search terms you all use to find me.  Yesterday alone, 56 people found The Tucson Songstress through Google, and they were located in 12 different countries from around the world.

Some of my blog posts get very little attention, but some surprisingly go “viral” in their own rite.  I rarely can determine the popularity of a blog while I’m writing it, and truthfully, I really just write about what’s on my mind.

Lately, the blog I wrote on Thanksgiving Day is getting a crazy amount of attention.  It was entitled “Thank You for the Music, #514,” and it was written to show my appreciation to all of you….my blog readers.  Click HERE to read my “viral” Thanksgiving post.  Really, I meant every word that I wrote, but it amazes me that this is the blog that people are finding through Google.  In the last seven days, there have been 42 searches on the words “thank you.”  These searches have been done AFTER the Thanksgiving holiday, and most of the searches on the words “thank you” have not been from the United States.

What a beautiful thing that people are seeking out ways to say “thank you.”  I am touched by this quest, and helps me see the beauty of people in the world.  I absolutely love that The Tucson Songstress is found in such a positive and lovely search, and so my song today is another “Thank You” song, this time by Led Zeppelin.  Their “Thank you” is classic good old-fashioned rock and roll, but I love the sincerity and pensiveness attached to it.  Click HERE to hear Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” on Youtube.

To all the people finding me through these “thank you” searches….thank you for your thank yous!  You rock!



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