Jingle Belling Through Christmas


Happy Top 10 Tuesday and almost Merry Christmas.  Today I was having a conversation with my mother and telling her how I would be volunteering in my son’s Kindergarten classroom to sing Christmas songs.  I had made each of the children a simple jingle bell necklace to make Christmas-y jingle bell sounds during the songs.  “You should use this as your Top 10 Tuesday activity,” she said.  So, here I am…a very simple activity to bring some festivity to the holiday.

Though jingle bells are not on my Top 10 list of musical instruments under $40 that promote music education in the home (click HERE for the list), there is no other musical instrument that says Christmas like the little tinkly bells on Santa’s sleigh.  If you listen to classic Christmas songs, you will often times find them playing along in the music.

In order to complete this activity, you will need some jingle bells.  Simple jingle bells are sold  during the Christmas at the Dollar Store, and that’s where I purchased them for my son’s Kindergarten class.  I tied two little bells on each ribbon, and voila….an easy Christmas necklace that will bring tons of enjoyment to your child.  Check out a picture of the ones I made.


You can also purchase professional jingle bells from Amazon.com.  Here’s a picture of my favorite one.


Click HERE to check them out on Amazon.

The Activity

This activity can be completed by any age group.  It is so simple and obvious.  Listen, listen, listen to Christmas music…the classic tunes that you’ve been hearing all of your life.  Try to see if your child can identify the jingle bells in the songs.  If they can hear jingle bells, have them play along to the song.  If the song doesn’t have jingle bells, skip ahead to the next song.  Here are a few classic songs with jingle bells in them:

–Jingle Bells (Youtube:  click HERE)

–Here Comes Santa Claus (Youtube:  click HERE)

–Jingle Bell Rock (Youtube:  click HERE)

–Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Youtube:  Click HERE)

–Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Youtube:  Click HERE)

–Frosty the Snowman (Youtube:  Click HERE)

Here are a few songs without jingle bells:

–Little Drummer Boy (Youtube:  Click HERE)

–Silent Night (Youtube:  Click HERE)

–Carol of the Bells (Youtube:  click HERE)

–All I Want for Christmas (Youtube:  click HERE)

I hope you have lots of fun with jingle bells and and Christmas music this holiday.  It is such a festive holiday, and the bells can only add to the fun!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you next Tuesday for another fun-filled musical activity.  Until then, play on!


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