Give Peace a Chance, #541


I love Eric Carle….you know, the guy who wrote “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” among countless other beautiful and meaningful children’s books.  Today, I woke up not feeling well.  I’ve got the wintertime cold blah illness, and there on my Facebook was a little piece of sunshine from this great author.  Check out what he posted.


“Some people are very good at finding calming words during unsettled times. I would like to add to the chorus with one of my pictures.  May there be peace for children everywhere. May there be peace for all.”

So beautiful!  So simple!  It is the perfect message to wake up to, and it gave me such a big smile on my face that I had to turn around and pass it along to all of you.  So, friends, my song of the day is also a song of peace.  As John Lennon said, “Give Peace a Chance.”  Click HERE for the great song and some profound musical wisdom, and really…take this holiday season to spread a little love and peace.  Our world is in such bad need for it, and we can work together to make peace a reality.


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