Disco Inferno, #545



A couple of weeks ago, a good friend from college started emailing to let me know she’d be in Tucson for a couple of days around Christmas.  The idea started formulating that we should go out for a girl’s night to an old college-days watering hole called Kon Tiki.  Not to sound like a total nerd, but gosh….I hadn’t been to a bar in a gazillion years.  Motherhood has sapped away most of my night-life activities, and the idea of hanging with my girls for some laughs and good times sounded amazing!

When we touched base yesterday, she warned “You better take a disco nap!”  Ha!  A “disco nap!”  What a funny phrase, and yet, I totally got it in an instant.  I used to take those “disco naps” in college, but as a 40-year-old mother of two, a “disco nap” was hardly even a choice to get through an evening at Kon Tiki.  Funny thing is that as a 40-year-old mother of two, of course, I didn’t have any time for the much-needed nap, so I went into the evening tired but charged up for some fun.

These are my girls!!!!!  I hadn’t spent time with either of them in years, and from the first instant of hellos and hugs, it was like no time had passed.  I laughed the whole night.  There is nothing like old friends.  There are no airs, no need to establish trust and common bonds…..they are just simply friends…for life, and I love them to pieces!  What a refreshing evening, and I am still on cloud nine today full of smiles from all that love.

My song of the day just needs to be in honor of the “disco nap,” so what better music could I pick than “Disco Inferno” by the Trampps.  Click HERE to go to the Youtube page and get down to some good times!  Amen to old friends.  Thank you, ladies, for an awesome night…but more importantly, for your perfect friendship. xo



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