Don’t Stop Believing, #546


I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of our family.  Here he is…..Mr. Steve Perry:


Yay!  We bought a new car….well, new to us.  It’s a Dodge Journey, and if you would have ever told me I’d own a Dodge someday, I would have put my snobby nose in the air and snorted loudly at you.  This car is so awesome though!  My husband will be driving this one.  We bought it used with only 8500 miles and all souped up, and the car is hot!  Now he needs to take me on a date it it!

Of course…it’s a “Journey,” and so, unknown to my husband until this very moment, I have named the car Steve Perry after the lead singer of the awesome rock band “Journey.”  Of course, my song of the day needs to be a Journey song, too, so click HERE to go to Youtube to see and hear Steve Perry sing “Don’t Stop Believing” in a 1983 concert live from Japan.  Enjoy!  I think will need to upload this on my iPad, as the car is equipped with Bluetooth, and we will certainly need to crank this song up in this vehicle!  Woohoot!


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