I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, #547


It’s tough for my kids to be Jewish on Christmas.  They repeatedly express their sadness to me that they will not wake up on Christmas to presents or that our home is not decked out in Christmas decorations.  I always tell them that we can celebrate Christmas as much as we want to outside of our home, but the fact is…we’re Jewish.

Typically, my kids, like all kids, ask the same question every year:  “Is Santa real?”  This year, however, the question went a little deeper:  “Mommy, how does Santa know we’re Jewish?”  I suddenly became worried.  Were my kids feeling like we were being cast away by Santa?  That they were not worthy of celebrating Christmas and being Jewish was a punishment of sorts?  I certainly didn’t want their self-esteem or their love for Judaism being challenged.  So, with the help of some very lovely teachers at our Jewish Community Center, here is my response to it all:


I can’t wait for them to wake up and find this note!  I am sure there are some fellow Jews who would look down their noses at me for doing this, but I feel really good about it.  It gives them a little bit of Christmas magic and hopefully will do the trick and give them all the confidence in the world and still acknowledge their religion.

Thanks, Santa, for briefly visiting the Jewish house last night.  It means so much to all of us.  My song of the day is “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” because this Jewish gal would give a big smacker to the jolly guy if she could!  Santa’s the coolest, and you should have seen him lapping up the matzah ball soup last night when he dropped off the note!  Ha!  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear the Ronettes sing my favorite version of this song, and have a wonderful Christmas day, y’all!


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