Daydreamin’ (The Ostrich Song), #559



Well, it’s back to the grind today.  Winter break is officially over, and my alarm was set to 5:30 am.  I haven’t seen 5:30 in a couple of weeks now, and it certainly feels brutal!  As I am sitting here blinking at the glare from the computer monitor, I am thinking about how much fun winter break really was.  For me, I had a much lighter schedule teaching at one school instead of five, but for my husband and kids…it was all about winter camp.  There were field trips, special guests, new friendships made and not starting our mornings until 9am.

There is one field trip my  husband and daughter went on, and I’ve been there before, too, that is a hidden gem in Picacho Peak, AZ…about 45 minutes West of Tucson.  It is called Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch, and I want to use this blog today to give the ranch a big plug.

Rooster Cogburn’s Ranch is family operated and is 600 acres large…the largest privately run ranch  in the United States.  They don’t just have ostriches at the ranch, but they have a slew of other animals that you can interact with and feed:  goats, deer, ducks, donkeys and a lorakeet forest, which was my favorite part when we went.  The lorakeets land right on you as you feed them from little cups.  Rooster even has a really cool “monster truck” ride where you can feed the ostriches by going “ostrich fishing.”  Check out a few photos from my husband’s recent trip there with his winter camp.


Feeding the ostriches….



The goats in the wall….


The deer….






Rooster Cogburn with a winter camper….



Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch is a must-see stop to take if you’re a local or travelling through Arizona.  It is unique, and Rooster and his family are the nicest people, too.  They love each and every one of their animals.  Click HERE for their website to get more info and go visit them.  You will be so glad you made the unforgettable stop.

I searched for a song about ostriches today to share as my song of the day, and lo and behold, I found one from an old 70’s Scooby Doo episode.  “Daydreamin’ (the Ostrich Song)” is in true Scooby fashion, and I can’t help but giggle from it’s retro style as I listen to it.  So, click HERE to go to Youtube to get a little into the ostrich spirit and go get yourself a good ‘ol Scooby snack.  Happy “back to the grind” day, y’all.  May you all enjoy your winter break memories and ease back into your routines effortlessly.



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