I Can Sing a Rainbow, #560


I love the sweet little song “I Can Sing a Rainbow” and have taught it to preschoolers all over Tucson.  Today, I am thinking “rainbows” as my Top 10 Tuesday music activity for the week is a musical craft:  rainbow rhythm shakers. Click HERE to check it out.  As I was writing up my blog post about the shakers, “I Can Sing a Rainbow” was running continuously through my head.

I remember the first time I heard the song.  I was obsessed with the TV show “Fame,” back in the 1980’s and even ended up attending a performing arts high school.  I loved the character, Doris, on the show.  She had such a beautiful voice and was so down to earth.  On one episode, she sang the song with a fellow classmate, and the song stuck with me, as many songs from that show did.

So here it is today….that scene from “Fame” where they’re sitting around a piano singing “I Can Sing a Rainbow.”  Man, I love Youtube.  It’s amazing how just about anything from my memory is right at my fingertips because of it.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to see the scene that has played through my brain for over 30 years!  Join me today by thinking “rainbow.”  Only good things can come from it.


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