Orinoco Flow, #574


Water is a powerful substance.  I am thinking about it today because of my Top 10 Tuesday music activity.  The activity is to make a glockenspiel out of glasses of water and to listen to their tones.  (Click HERE to read “Glass Half Full Glockenspiel.)

It occurred to me that water has sound and emotion and an ability to soothe just like music does.  What a lovely thought, and it’s completely true.  How many times have I stood on the beach so drawn to the ocean’s waves and unable to tear myself away?  It’s uncountable, and I’m certain I’m not alone in this.

So, my watery song of the day is Enya’s also soothing “Orinoco Flows.”  The song is so ultra peaceful, and I often think of this as “massage music.”  Click HERE to get wrapped up in its tranquility, and I hope you bring it with you into your day.  Flow like the water, friends, and enjoy!


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