One More Cup of Coffee, #575


Watch out world, I’m feeling cranky this morning.  It has nothing to do with the daily dilemmas that we all have to deal with.  No, I’m feeling like a b*&ch on wheels, because my coffee bean grinder seems to be broken.  When I usually write my blog every morning, I usually do so with a steaming cup of Joe, and it is a great way to erase the sleep from my brain.

Not today though.  There is no caffeine coursing through my veins, and I seriously need my fix.  I am like a drug addict in detox, and though I planned to write all about another topic today, all I can think about is getting to Starbucks to remedy the situation before the massive withdrawal headache starts kicking in.

I know coffee is probably not the healthiest of options, but the truth is that this is one area of my life that I don’t even have any desire to change.  I love my coffee, and I can’t imagine life without it.  I’m kind of a coffee snob, too.  The “F” word in my house is not what you think it might be.  Nope.  The “F” word for us is “Folgers.”  Now that is one seriously nasty tasting coffee.  Give me my Costco Kirkland Starbucks any day.  Oh….just thinking about it is putting me into a stupor!

So, with coffee on my mind, my song of the day is Bob Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee.”  This is one groovy song which has been covered by some many different artists from Calexico to The White Stripes.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear the original Bob Dylan version.  Now I need to go hurry to get ready, so I can head down to the corner and get a good cup to get me through the day.  I take my coffee black, by the way…no need for additives….just straight and to the point.  That’s how I like it.


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