I Want to Be a Producer, #581


I am so excited, friends!!!! I am co-teaching a new performing arts class, and to avoid issues with copyright, my teaching partner and I wrote our own script! This is a first for me. Yes, I write everyday of my life, and writing is certainly one of my most creative outlets. This was a new endeavor for me, however, and I have to tell you that I am so excited about the outcome. We wrote songs and everything, and the kids in our show will be in a Broadway-style musical in the middle of April.

It’s funny how you stumble upon things in your life. I never really set out to be a script writer, and it just kind of fell in my lap. I guess this is why it is so important to try new things and spread your wings. I absolutely love this creative process, and I would have never known it if it wasn’t asked of me to do. I must remember this concept for the future. I must give myself opportunities to grow even though I’m a grown up. How strange to discover this new art-form at this stage in my life. I guess the same could be said of blogging though, right?

So, my song of the day needs to be from a musical. It’s only apropos. I’ve chosen the song “I Want to Be a Producer” from “The Producers,” as I love that the song discusses the dream from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Click HERE to watch the 2003 Broadway cast perform the song live on Regis & Kelly. It’s a darling performance, and a great song of the day.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Thanks, as always, for being so supportive of my writing by reading and following! Hugs, peace and love to you all!


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  1. I am so excited for you Julie! Just imagine all of the things you will have tried by the time you are as old as me!!! … Not telling! Oh… And don’t forget to send me an invite… Wouldn’t want to miss it!

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