St. Anger, #582


Hollywood is way too forgiving. People like Chris Brown should never get society’s respect after their horrendous acts of anger and violence. Let’s see. Let’s make a tally list of these acts that I am referring to:


1. On February 8, 2009, he beat the crap out of his girlfriend, singer Rihanna. She had visible bruises on her face and required hospitalization.

2. On March 22, 2011, after being asked about the situation with Rihanna on “Good Morning America”, Chris Brown threw an object at a window in his dressing room overlooking Time Square that caused damage to the window.

3. This past Sunday night, January 27, 2013….Chris Brown and singer, Frank Ocean, got into a “scuffle” outside of a LA night club. Frank Ocean is talking about pressing charges.


Today, CNN is reporting that he tweeted a picture of Jesus on a crucifix and is comparing himself to to the holy man. Man…does this guy have a “holier than thou” complex or what? I’m so tired of Chris Brown, and what drives me nuts is how successful he is. He is still performing, being nominated for awards, and people are still buying his music. Enough! Do not support this, friends! This is not a good man.

And Rihanna….she is a story all on her own. She actually took this creep back. Come on! Not only is it stupid, but she is setting the poorest example to young girls everywhere. In a recent interview to Rolling Stone Magazine, she said of her relationship with Chris Brown: “Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake.” Yuck!!!!! Didn’t her mother ever teach her to stay away from someone who beats her? Awful!

What has our world come to if we are so forgiving of acts like those of Chris Brown? Stop buying his music! There are other good musicians who do not beat their girlfriends. It is important to forgive, but it is also important to take a stand when something is wrong.

For my song of the day, I picked the angriest song I could find. Metallica’s “St. Anger” won the prize. I imagine a song like this to be a description of the crazy turmoil going around in psycho, Chris Brown’s brain. He seriously needs long-term anger management therapy…not long music tours around the world. Click HERE to hear Metallica’s song, and please let it be a reminder to all of you to stop buying Chris Brown’s music. We should all have a little more integrity than that.


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