Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, #583


The first time I heard the song “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen” (spelled the most common Google-search way) and really took note of it was when I saw the Movie “Swing Kids” in 1993.  This version of the song was a recording by Janis Siegel.  (Click HERE to hear it.) All the songs on that sound track were swing music, and I wore out the recording loving the genre so much.

I encountered the song again in my 20’s when I worked in Santa Monica, CA  for The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music.  They made an incredible recording of the song, which they maintained in its original language just as composer Shalom Secunda had written it.  (Click HERE to listen to a song sample of it and go to the Milken Archive website)  It was at the Archive that I really learned the history of the song, and I love the story that Secunda’s mother had fasted for a week when The Andrews Sisters released their recording  in 1938.  The story goes that she was upset that her son had sold “Bei Meir Bist Du schoen” for only $30!  Click HERE to go to a great article on the Archive website to read more about it.

Finally, the song took deeper meaning when my husband sung it at his father’s funeral.  My husband had visited his father in the hospital only months prior and brought his guitar with him.  All the family was together, and that was the song they sang.  It was such a profound moment of one last happy family bonding that it was something that really stuck with my husband, and he used it as a way to remember his father.

Yesterday, the last remaining Andrews Sister, Patty, passed away at the age of 94.  My husband’s old-time friend, Pam, was her foster daughter, and in the years I’ve known her through Facebook, I’ve read the most loving comments about her dear Patty.  She has posted pictures and really shared the kindness of this woman with her Facebook friends.  My sincere sympathy goes out to her today as we all mourn the loss of this legend, and she mourns the loss of someone she loved.

To honor Patty’s memory, my song of the day is “Bei Mir Bist Du Scheon,” recorded by The Andrews Sisters.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to listen to it, and feel free to tap your feet and sing along.  I know you’ll want to, because the song has that kind of an effect.

Enjoy your day, and may it be a toe-tappin’ happy little melody just like this one as we all remember Patty Andrews and her sisters.


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  1. very touching blog today. You probably know that song was # 1 on the Hit Parade in 1938 – probably first and only Yiddish song to make it. Love the song.

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