The Day the Music Died, #584


Since August, I have been writing weekly musical activities for parents to teach to their children at home in a response that music programs in schools are the first cut when budgets aren’t meeting its mark.  (Click HERE to see my Top 10 Tuesday lesson plans.)  My hope is that I can teach parents how to instill a musical understanding into their kids despite not having formal music training.

Yesterday was a painful day for me.  Yesterday was the last day I taught one of my most popular and celebrated classes at one of my schools.  While I will remain at the school teaching another class to younger children, this class was cut due to a lack of funding.  The kids were so disappointed to hear that they will no longer have a music class to take in the coming weeks and for those who are graduating in May, they were seriously disappointed that they won’t even have a chance to take the class again if the music program is successfully re-established in the Fall.  It was truly heartbreaking to see their faces.

For me, all of this just makes it more important to keep my Top 10 Tuesday musical activities going and really try to get them to these parents of children who are seriously missing out.  So, blog readers, please help me spread the word.  If you know of a school that doesn’t have a music program due to lack of funding, send the school, the parents…whomever…this link:

For an Archive of already written activities, give them this link:

It is so unfair that music has been cut out of so many programs, and I guess it is just a statement about the world we live in today.  How disappointing that this is what it comes down to.

So, my song of the day today is Don McLean’s “Bye Bye Miss American Pie,” because yesterday, the music really did die for a very lovely group of young men and women.  Click HERE to hear this classic song and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to help me spread the word that music should be a part of every child’s life.



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