Stuck in the Middle With You, #589


This is a happy day for me!  I am so excited, because I finally get my family back!  My husband took the kids to Las Vegas for a visit with his mother, and the transmission to his new (well used…but less than 10,000 miles) car finked out.  The car, fortunately under warranty, was not driveable to come back home to Tucson.  I have been without my family since Friday, and enough is enough. I miss them!  Supposedly the car will be ready by noon today, but if it’s not, my hubby will just rent a car and figure out a way to get his car back over the weekend.

I hate that my husband has had to go through this stressful situation with two kids in tow and without my help.  We are 400 miles away from each other right now, and yet my heart aches probably more now than if I were with them.  I feel so helpless, but I am proud to say how well he’s handled it.  The kids are just happy that they get to be on vacation a little while longer, so all really is well despite the lousiness of the situation.

Here’s what I want to say to my husband, “I’m stuck in the middle with you!”  Yes, I may be far way, but emotionally I have been there right by your side at every moment.  I can’t wait to shower my family with hugs and kisses to wash away their ordeal, and I am counting the minutes to our reunion.  My song of the day is, of course, Stealer’s Wheels’ “Stuck in the Middle With You,” because it perfectly describes my feelings.  Click HERE to hear it on YouTube, and please take a moment today to appreciate your family.  There’s nothing like them!



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