Shaker Colors


Hi friends!

It’s Tuesday and time for another fun music activity!

One thing that I love about music is that it opens the doors for so many other opportunities of learning.  Shaker eggs, for instance, are an excellent tool to use for preschoolers to learn their colors.  One of the beauties of shaker eggs is that they come in bright primary colors.  Here’s a picture of a great set by Meinl.

Shaker Eggs

They are available for purchase through  Click HERE to go to the Amazon website.

Playing shaker eggs in a song about colors can help teach children to identify their colors, teach children how to follow direction, enhance their listening skills, help their sense of rhythm and empower them with their own instrument to add to the process of making music.

Below are a couple of Youtube links to songs about colors.  Set your preschooler up in front of the computer with the various colors of eggs in front of them.  When the song sings a color, they should pick up the corresponding egg and shake along.

Another way to play this game if there is more than one child is to divide up the eggs and to instruct them to only play along to their color part.

Whether you have one child playing or more, all involved are sure to have fun and learn something along the way, as well.


1.  “Mix and Match Your Colors” –

2. “Color Song for Kids” –

3.  “Color Song 2” –

4. “The Trains Color Song” –

I hope you all have enjoyed this week’s Top 10 Tuesday musical activity.  Shaker eggs are one of the Top 10 instruments under $40 that will help promote music education in the home.  For a complete list of all of the instruments, click HERE.  For an Archive of previous Top 10 Tuesday music activities, click HERE.  Please check back every Tuesday for a new activity.  Until then, play on!


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