I Can See for Miles, #597


Yesterday, I learned that my daughter is going to be a glasses kid.  We went to the pediatric ophthalmologist, and lo and behold, she is pretty significantly far-sighted.  How strange that her teachers nor my husband or I saw any evidence that she couldn’t see when she was reading!  Poor thing!

I love my daughter so much, and I’m kind of obsessing over the amazingly fabulous glasses she picked.  Check these out!!


Oh yes!  If you have to wear glasses, they should be pink and have sparkles and hearts.  My sweet girl will be  a Valentine every day of her whole life with this eyewear!  Some people like candy and flowers on Valentines Day, but my baby girl knows how to celebrate to the fullest, and in style, too, I might add.

So whatever way you’re celebrating today, we’re celebrating with bling and good fashion!  My song of the day is The Who’s “I Can see for Miles.”  It’s a pretty cynical love song on this Valentine’s Day, but we’re celebrating the simple pleasure of seeing clear and looking so amazingly cute while doing it!

Trying on the pretty pink frames!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Trying on the pretty pink frames! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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