All You Need Is Love, #598


As I am sitting here in front of my computer this morning, I am still in the afterglow of a very sweet Valentine’s Day.  During the day, not much happened.  We had the same daily schedule of work and meetings and errands and school for the kids.  Really, besides wearing a pink shirt, nothing really distinguished the day aside from any other.

It wasn’t until my family came home for dinner that the real fun began.  Of course, I put a little extra effort into dinner…from red blood orange Trader Joe’s soda to Whoopee Pies (a little “making whoopee” joke for my hubby) for dessert.  The kids shared their Valentine’s boxes, goodies and cards from school, and they where bubbly with excitement.

After dinner, we all exchanged Valentine’s gifts, ogled over the amazing flowers my Dad sent for me and my daughter and nibbled on little treats.  We giggled and tried on new clothes and just really enjoyed each other’s company.

Our evening was an evening focused on the love we have for each other, and though Valentine’s Day is really a fabrication of Hallmark, the beauty of the day is that it reminds us to take a moment to share our love with each other.  Truth is, we should do this all the time anyway, but with the hectic schedules we all lead, sometimes we forget.

I love my family, and what a lovely evening we had expressing it.  That is why my song of the day is The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love,” because it’s true.  Love is what makes life amazing, and I am feeling very blessed today as I remember that essential element.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear The Beatles make this important declaration, and may you all appreciate all the love you have in your lives on Valentine’s Day and beyond.


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  1. Thought about the phrase, and song, all day. No need to play it (tho I have all the Beatles), it played in my head. 🙂 Lucky you + your family.

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