Gonna Rise Up, #600


As a musician, my favorite environment to sing in is with other people…just jammin’.  Preferably, camp fires are the very best places to do this, but any old living room with a few guitars and good willful hearts will suffice, too.  I don’t even mind if I’m singing with out of tune voices.  In fact, sometimes those are the best voices to sing with, because it is those singers who are there for the right reasons.  The fact is, music is communal and should be shared.  Sometimes, it’s not about sounding good.  It’s just about having fun and using music to come together.

A friend reminded me of the song book “Rise Up Singing” last night.  This book is like the song leader’s Bible.  It contains 1200 songs and guitar chords, and it’s intended to be a “group singing songbook.”  Here’s the description of the book on Amazon.com:

Lyrics and guitar chords for nearly 1,200 songs are arranged in a compact, easy-to-use format in this comprehensive collection. Folk revival favorites; Broadway show tunes; Beatles songs; hymns, spirituals, and gospel standards; songs about peace, freedom, labor, and the environment; and chanteys are among the songs included. 

Click HERE to go to Amazon to check it out, and here’s a picture of the book cover, too, just in case you stumble upon it in your travels.

Rise Up singing

More than recommending this book, what I really recommend is getting together with people to sing!  It does a soul some good!

My song of the day is Eddie Vedder’s solo mandolin-based song “Rise.”  It’s a gorgeous tune, and it seemed very appropriate since he sings with heart-felt beauty the lyric, “Gonna rise up.”  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear it.  What I didn’t know about the song is that it was written for a 2007 motion picture called “Into the Wild.”  It is about a Emory University graduate who takes his $24,000 life savings and hitchhikes to Alaska to live off of the wilderness.  I’ve never seen this movie, but I certainly will go look it up!

So, as I conclude this blog today, I leave you all with the thought that music is meant to be enjoyed together…whether you’re listening to it or making it.  So, that said…..go share some music and “rise up!”



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